Business Task:

In order to complete your article assigned by your boss, you need to do some research on the numbers that have been involved in the war on terrorism.  So that your article will be professional, you will be required to create different kinds of graphs from the information that you find.
For this task you will be looking at several different websites that contain information about the war on terrorism.  You will be provided with a website that talks about graphs and shows you examples of the different types of graphs.  Your job will be to create two different kinds of graphs using the information from the websites provided.  After you complete the graphs, you will insert these graphs into your final article that you are completing for this project.  You will use the skills that you have already mastered in class for making the graphs using Microsoft works.

Step 1.

Look at the  website , this site provides details about each kind of graph and how they are to be used.  Remember that you must complete two different kinds of graphs.

Step 2.

To complete the graphs you will need to look at the information listed from the sites below and choose which information you find to be relevant for the different types of graphs.

**When you look at this first website click on the link for the "War on Terrorism- Is it time to take on Iraq"
2. ( at this website there are 3 other links that will help to provide some information for your graphs, the links that you should check out are:
· who are the Taliban?
· A history of resistance
· Land mines

For example:
You may choose to make a pie graph showing the population of Afghanistan and a bar graph showing the number of fatalities during the world trade center bombing.

* Remember: You can use the information that was provided during class a couple of weeks ago to complete your graphs in Microsoft works.  You were given a handout of step by step instructions for this process! :)

Step 3.

As you complete each of the tasks you will be required to keep a reporter's journal which will be used to compile answers to several different questions that you will be asked to answer about each internet site that you look at.  Your questions for this task that you will need to answer in your journal are as follows: ( these will be found at the above websites found under step 2)

Questions for your reporter's journal

Question 1.

What are the statistics listed for how people feel about the way that President Bush is handling the war on terrorism? (Approve, disapprove, not sure)

Question 2.

What is the population of Afghanistan?

Question 3.

What percent of the ethnicity in Afghanistan is Tajik?

Question 4.

How many Americans were killed or wounded in 2001 at Operation Endure Freedom, Afghanistan?


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