Math Activity.


Step 1:

Go to
and carefully read through, jotting down the figures for the United States budget of 2003.

Step 2:

Then, giving reasons, write one page (or more) telling how you would
alter this budget.

Step 3:

Once you've completed this task graph the two
seperate budgets in a style of your choosing. Compare and contrast
the two showing the differences in spending, what you allocated
more money to, or perhaps what you cut altogether. Try to be as
detailed as possible, but be careful not to get too caught up in
minor things. Most importantly, be creative!

Questions for your notebook:

Question 1: How do you feel about the changing of our government's budget?

Question 2: Do you think that increased spending in the military is the answer to terrorism?

Question 3: If you could control the flow of money, where would you send the majority of funds?


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