The Task

In this activity, you will be analyzing data about water quality in your
area.  This is a very big issue because water is needed by all living
things to survive.  Many water sources, including those in your area,
have been polluted by human and animal activities.  In this lesson, you
will work in a small group to learn about the various types of water
pollution.  These pollutants include:
*High or Low pH
*Water Hardness (levels of Ca and Mg)
*Low Oxygen Content
*Heavy Metals or Radioactive Materials
*Pathogenic Organisms.
You and your group will learn about these common types of pollutants
and where they come from.  Then, you will look at one of the major
rivers in North Carolina to find out if it is clean or polluted.  You will then
create a map of your river and plot points of problem areas.  Your group
will then present this information to the town council (played by your
classmates) using a multi-media software such as Microsoft


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