Social Study Tasks

*Choose one of the following tasks to do.  Document any additional web pages you use.

1.  Find out about the fight for Brazilian Independence using the following links and a search engine such as yahoo or google to find your information.  Pick one event and write the front page for the Brazilian newspaper for that day.  Include the name of your paper and the date, a story about a big event, a public interest story, and other articles.

*To get some ideas on how to format a newspaper go to the following link.

2.  Use the following links to learn about the people who live in the Amazon rain forest (you can also use a search engine to find your own pages).  Write about the way of life for the people who live in the Amazon.  Include the origins of the people, how they interact with the rain forest, what they eat, etc.

3.  Write a short biography on two or three people who were important to Brazil (you can use presidents, military leaders, etc.)  Use the following web pages to pick 2-3 individuals.  Then use one of the following search engines to find out about those individuals to complete the assignment.

4.  Make a brochure to attract tourists to Brazil.  Make sure it includes things to see, places to visit, times to visit, etc.  Use webpages you found yourself.

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