Social Studies Tasks

Choose one of the following to do.
*Make sure that you document in your final project what web pages you have used.

1.  Go to the following link and read the letter from Pro Vaz de Caminha, the first explorer of Brazil, to the Portuguese king explaining what he found in the new land.  Write a response to Caminha as if you were the King of Portugal.  Comment on his findings, ask him questions, and/or encourage him to find out more about something.

2.  Write a paper and create a time line of the colonization of Brazil.  Use the following web pages and some that you find on your own to find out about the history of Brazil.

3.  Explain how the early people of Brazil lived.  Include the people’s origins, why they were there, how they lived, and how the people made their money (farming, mining, etc.).  Find your own webpages using one of the following searchs.

4.  Create a brochure to attract European settlers to move to Brazil.  Include how you would make a living, what kind of environment is in Brazil, etc.  Find your own web pages to gather your information.

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