How’s the Weather?

Before you can get started on your journey through the neighborhood, you need to see what the weather is like outside so that you will know what to wear.  Print out this worksheet, go outside, and write down what you observe.

1.       Is it hot or cold today?  Use a thermometer to find out what the temperature is.  ____°F  ____°C


2.      Describe how the sky looks.  Is it sunny? Cloudy?  Overcast?  What types of clouds do you see?  __________  _____________________________________________


3.      Is the wind blowing?  ____ If so, use a weather vane to see if it is blowing North, South, East or West.  ____


4.      Is it raining today?  ____ If it is raining, set a cup outside for ten minutes, then measure the amount of rain collected in a graduated cylinder.  ____mL


5.      How is today’s weather different from yesterday?


6.      Circle the items you need to wear or take with you on your adventure.