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A WebQuest for 10th Grade (world history)

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This lesson is designed to meet requirements for the North Carolina Standard Course of study for social studies, world history, and nutrition curriculum. It offers an alternative approach to teaching these subjects by incorporating the use of technology while providing vital information to students. The lesson will give students a broad understanding of several aspects of the Italian Renaissance including: historical background, art and architecture, and nutrition. Upon completion of this task students will be able to identify certain aspects leading to the Renaissance, the art and architecture produced in it, and something of the traditional nutrition of the era. 


This lesson is designed to cover World History on a tenth grade level, with additional information in art, architecture, and nutrition. Although this is primarily a tenth grade history lesson, it could also be used for high school art or nutrition courses. The learners will need only basic computer skills to be able to complete this lesson. If they can use the internet, they should have no problem in following the flow of the assignment. 

Curriculum Standards

Social Studies/World History Standards Addressed:
     - Trace social, political, and cultural changes associated with the Renaissance. 

Healthful Living Standards Addressed: 
     - Recognize and apply guidelines as related to fitness and        nutrition.

Visual Arts Standards Addressed: 
     - Show how ideas develop and evolve over time. Develop creative thinking skills and perceptual awareness necessary for understanding art.

     This project will also provide the learner opportunities to work on their critical thinking skills because they will have to acquire new knowledge and write down what this new information equates to in real life. (option 1) Communication skills may also be enhanced by this project if the learner chooses to do the class presentation option. (option 2) If the student chooses the option which allows them to construct a model, they will employ creative production skills. (option 3) Some or all of these skills may be incorporated into this project.


           Below are the steps students will need to take to  complete your

               Step 1: Look through the links provided to help determine which
                           option you want to choose. 

               Step 2: Choose an option. 

               Step 3: Go to the link that will most help you and the directions at each link 

               Step 4: Take the information and fill in the outline worksheet
                           that you received from the teacher to help you collect valuable
                           the valuable information. 

               Step 5:  Do the option that you have chosen 

               Step 6:  Turn in or present the finished option on the due date. 

Teachers can enhance this project by providing students with prior knowledge of the subject they are about to engage.  Teachers are encouraged to develope a lesson plan that uses this Web Quest as a final project or related activity to what is being learned in class.  The Renaissance offers a wide range of teaching possibilites and teahcers are encouraged to explore them in class.

This lesson should be organized over several days or weeks.   Students should be given ample time to complete their projects.  Media center or computer time should be given to students if at all possible while at school.  This project, however, will need to be worked on at home,as well, becasue it is an individual assignment.  A student should be given at least one weekend if not longer to complete this project.  We feel the more time a student is given directly equates to the quality of the final product. 


This Web Quest can be very flexible to a teacher's ideas or variation of objective.   A teacher should feel free to ad or subtract any of the suggested projects on the student page. We realize that the scope of a teahcer's class and the time they have to present the subject will factor into how much time a student has to complete this assignment.  A teacher should also feel free to adjust the grading scale to their classroom standards.  Teachers, above all, should feel free to make this Web Quest work towards their over all objective of classroom instruction.

Resources Needed:

In order for this webquest to reach itís full potential with sutdents, we suggest the following additional resources for success:

1)  Students should have access to books and visual reprenstations that help represent the Renaissance.  It is important to give students some background knowledge before they attempt this webquest.  Bellow is a listing books that may be helpful in presenting this material:

The Renaissance:  A Short History by Paul Johnson

Brunelleschi's Dome by Ross King

History of Italian Renaissance Art : Painting, Sculpture,     Architecture
by Frederick Hartt, David G. Wilkins 

The Structures of Everyday Life : The Limits of the Possible (Civilization           and Capitalism : 15Th-18th Century)
by Fernand Braudel, Sian Reynolds

These books are just a view examples of the texts available about the Renaissance and itís rich history.  Most books can be ordered online or at a local book retailer.

2)  Students that have access at the home will definetly benefit more from this project.   Students who donít should be given time to acces the internet in class or at the media center.  A free web based e-mail account or forum could be implement from such sites as Yahoo to help students communicate their thoughts and ideas over the web.

3)  Videos avilable about the Renaissance:

 Just the Facts - Renaissance (2001) VHS 

 Landmarks of Western Art, Vol. 2: The Renaissance (1999) VHS 
 ~ Landmarks of Western Art 

 History Makers: Leonardo Da Vinci - Renaissance Man to the World (1996) VHS 

Early Renaissance:High Renaissance VHS 
  ~ Art of the Western World 

4)  Ths school liabrary could also provide a lot of resource for the completion of this project.  Another option for additional Resources would be to find or create less plans that coorelate with this assignment.  Web sites available include and


Your Projects will be evaluated on the below criteria.  You can earn a possible 25 points
 which will then be converted into a 100 point scale. 

               1 - Below average. Some categories need additional work.

               2 - Average. Meets basic requirements. 

               3 - Good. Shows creativity and initiative. 

               4 - Superior in content, preparation and presentation.

A teacher will know if this assignment was successful by the work handed in or presented by the students.  The above is our recommend grading scale for the project.  An evaluation table is provided on the student page.


This lesson contains valuable information that can be applied to several different courses in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. The Renaissance is a very important era in the history of the world, and knowledge about this era is critical in understanding the world students live in during current times. When students finish this lesson, they will have a grasp on the basic ideas and concepts that occurred leading up to and during the Italian Renaissance. Along with gaining this new information, learners will develop skills in technology, communications, and critical thinking. This project will be a valuable asset to any high school student because of the various skills it enhances.

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