Let's Help Save the Planet

A WebQuest for 1st Grade (Science,Art,Math, Language Arts)

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Kristin Beller, Hilary Edmunds, Holly Henderson
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You have each been given a very special and important mission to fulfill.  Our planet is in TROUBLE!!  It is up to each of you to make a difference.  This website has been created to give you some ideas to start you on your way.  There are a lot of things you can do, and this site can help you explore your options.  You will be given a list of tasks to complete in order to get our planet out of trouble. 
You will learn about endangered species that desperately need your help, without it they may leave our planet forever.  You will learn how to recycle and other things that can help to preserve our planet for the endangered species, and for ourselves.  One day we may become the endangered species, so now is the time to take action and to take your mission here seriously.
The future of this planet is in your hands kids, so treat it carefully and learn as much as you can!


The Task
Once you complete this mission, you will each understand the needs of our planet and how to protect it and the animals which live here.  You must have your checksheet filled out completely.  this checksheet will be given to you by your teacher. 

The Process
you will be divided up into teams of three to go on these special missions.  as you complete each mission, check it off on your checksheet provided by your teacher.

1.  Once you reach this site, your mission is to choose at least four activities to complete.
Worldwildlife Kids

2.  Once you reach this site, your mission is to create a greeting card and send it to somebody.  You should give them at least one fact about the endangered animal that you choose.
greeting cards

3.  Once you reach this site,  your mission is to play some fun endangered species and environmental games, such as the recycling maze.

4.  Once you reach this site, your mission is to help clean up Billy Bear's Farm land.  Once completed write a brief description of what they have learned.
Animal scoop

5.  Once you reach this site, your mission is to read using a good and bad conscience (play with good and bad choices) and create your own adventure story.  Once completed write a brief description on why it is good to think about the choices we make.
adventure story


Students will be graded as a group on how they accomplish each task over the period of one month.  Teachers will check off students sheets once they are fully completed.










kids activities

Student has completed one activity
Student has completed two activities
Student has completed three activities
Student has completed at least four activities 

  Greeting cards


Studnet has been on web site
student has created a greeting card
student has e-mailed card with one fact included
student has e-mailed card with more than one fact included




student has played one game
student has played two games
student has played three games
student has played at least four games


Animal Scoop




student has played game at least once
student has played game at least once and has written a breif description of what they learned


Adventure Story


Play game with good and bad conscience
2 + added on to end of story
2 + 3 + students wrote a breif description about why it is important to think about your decisions


After completing this mission students will have a better understanding of helping endangerd species and the environment around us.  Hopefully students will have developed a deeper environmental conscience. 

Here are a few sites to view to answer any more questions that you may have.  These sites also contain information that you might find interesting.  Good luck with future environmental missions!!

Credits & References
World Wildlife Kid's Stuff 
Blue Mountain Cards 
Environmental Fun & Games  
Billy Bear's Playground  

Special thanks to: Endangeredspecie.com for our background

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