Webquest Worksheet                                             Name________________________


Congratulations on receiving your new job in Philadelphia.  Getting set up in your new home can be somewhat complicated.  Fill out all of the information below to help organize your budget!


City, State __________________________________

Zip Code ___________________________________

-        What is the rent per month? ___________

-        What resource did you use to find this apartment? ________________________

-        Why did you choose to live there?


-        Water: ________

-        Gas: ________

-        Electric: _________

-        Cable: _________

-        Telephone: _________

-        Public Transportation cost per month: __________


-        Car payment per month: ____________


TOTAL EXPENDITURES/MONTH (add up all of your monthly costs): ___________

TOTAL PAY PER MONTH: _____________


Left over money for entertainment or other purposes: ________________________


Explain in the space below if this is a reasonable budget and why.  Would you make any changes, if so what?  Discuss anything you have found particularly interesting or of value from this webquest.