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 This lesson was developed to satisfy the requirements for the course Reading and Writing Instruction for Intermediate and Advanced Learners through Appalachian State University

This Web Quest was developed to enable students to form an understanding of authors and their work. 


This lesson is designed to be used with a variety of grade and instructional levels. It can be adapted to grades K-5 with varying levels of teacher support.

The Quest can be completed individually, in small groups, or as a class depending on instructional levels.

To begin the Quest, students simply need a concept of stories and authors.


Curriculum Standards

Students will gain a greater understanding of an author and his or her work. The Web Quest is designed to address the following North Carolina Competencies in Language Arts:

 Competency Goal 3: The learner will make connections through the use of oral language, written language, and media and technology.

Competency Goal 4: The learner will apply strategies and skills to create oral, written, and visual texts.


1. Choose one author from one of the following links


2. Use the internet to discover information about your author. You may decide to use the Web Warp page to assist you.

3. Read at least one book by this author.

4. Complete 2 activities from the getting to know your author list:
Write a short biography of your author.
Write your author a letter.
Enter the Question Quest and answer questions about your author.


You are the author! Work with a partner and prepare a news segment where your classmate interviews you about your life as an author. 

5. Complete 2 activities from the Understanding your author's work list:

Create a Paper Bag Report. In a Paper Bag collect items or pictures of items that are important to the story. Explain the importance of each item.

Design a new book cover for the book you read. On the back, write a response to the book. How did the book affect you? While you were reading, what did you notice? What did you think about? How did the book make you feel?

Make a dictionary using vocabulary from the book you read. Each entry should include an illustration of the particular word, its definition and a sentence using the word. 

Write a different ending to the story you read. 

Make a character map for a character in your story. List 3 character traits and give an example from the story that shows this trait.  Draw a picture of your character.

Create a commercial promoting your favorite book written by the author. Be creative! 


Each educator will need to determine how much time to allocate for these activities according to instructional and interest level of the students. The Quest can conceivably be done in a time frame of 2 - 8 weeks.

Teachers need only enthusiasm and a love of books to guide their students in this Quest.

Minimal technological skills are also necessary. 

Resources Needed


Internet Access

Variety of literature

Video Camera (optional for commercial)

Basic School Supplies

The following links contain information about children's authors.




As an astronaut prepares for a mission important decisions must be made. For your students to successfully complete their mission in the Author Zone, they must decide how far they will venture. To view the assessment rubric, click here.



If your students are able to complete the Web Quest and show understanding of an author and his or her work, then they have succeeded in their mission.

Credits & References

Thanks to Dr. Gary Moorman of Appalachian State University for encouraging the Page Turners to go where they have never gone before.

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