Welcome to the final task. You will work together in your groups of four to complie the information that you have found and create a new school lunch menu. You will also present your findings to the school board. It will be your job to convince them that your food guide is the best.

                     Step 1: Print out the school menu guide.

                     Step 2: Plan out the lunch meals for an entire month. Make sure to include what the health facts about the meal is, is it a meal low in fat, calories, carbs etc.

                     Step 3: Place a copy of your new menu in your folder.

                     Step 4: Compile your quick reference guides into a notebook to turn in.

                     Step 5: Decide among your team members who will present each of the facts. Researchers you split your half and scientists your half.

                     Step 6: Sign up for a time to do your presentation.

                     Step 7: Fill out the learned section of your KWL and turn in your folder into the bin.