1. You will be researching the lottery in North Carolina and develop a stand against or for the lottery.

2. To help you develop your opinion look at all of the following websites.

3. After looking at the websites formulate your stand on the issue.

4. Next, you will be writing your state house of representative or local senator. To find your house of representative or senator go to the following website:

5. Write your letter to your government representative in Microsoft Word. This letter should persuade him or her whether the lottery in North Carolina is a good or bad thing and if North Carolina should have the lottery. Either way make sure you support your opinion and explain why your position is the right choice. Make sure you proofread your letter! Also, use spelling and grammar check in Microsoft Word.

6. After writing and editing your letter sign into your school email account. Email your letter to your government representative.


7. In order for you to inform your classmates on your decision we will be having a mock Congress meeting. Everyone will have time to speak and explain their position, so be prepared to back up your opinion.

8. At the end of the meeting we will be taking a vote for or against the lottery.

9. Then on our class webpage we will display the results.

8. The mock Congress meeting will be videotaped and will be available for others to watch.


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