* Plot *

    What are the key elements of a plot?

Take a few minutes and visit the sites below to learn a little more about plot.  Once you finish reading about plot, find the elements of plot in the below summary of the book.  Be sure to write your answers on paper or in a Word document.



Summary of Number the Stars

    The novel is told from the point of view of ten-year-old Annemarie Johansen and her best friend Ellen, who is Jewish.  At the beginning of the story the two girls are stopped by soldiers on their way home from school. They are troubled by their first direct encounter with the German Nazis, but it will not be there last encounter.
   During a late night visit from Peter Neilsen, a member of the Resistance and the man Annemarie's sister was suppose to marry, Annemarie is told more about the war. They learn that many Jews need to go into hiding to avoid relocation. The next day, the Rosens decide to flee Denmark and they decide to leave Ellen with the Johansens. During the night, German soldiers come to the apartment demanding that Mr. Johansen reveal the location of his friends. He refuses and they search the apartment. Ellen pretends to be one of the Johansen's daughters.

    The next day, Mrs. Johansen takes the three girls to her brother Henrik's home in Gilleleje, Denmark, where Henrik is a fisherman. They spend a peaceful day in the house by the ocean before Henrik announces that their Great-aunt Birte has died. The service is held that evening; however, Annemarie knows that no such aunt exists, and demands the truth. Uncle Henrik explains the importance of not knowing too much when bravery is needed. That night the coffin arrives and they gather around it.

    Later that night, Peter appears with the Rosens, who are reunited with Ellen. However, thanks to the post-curfew lights, German soldiers come to the house. They demand that the coffin be opened, which is a problem since the coffin is empty. Mrs. Johansen says that her aunt died of typhus, which happens to be highly contagious. This statement causes the soldiers to leave.

    Once the soldiers were out of sight, Henrik takes the first group of people down to his boat. Mrs. Johansen follows him, while guiding the Rosens to the boat. Annemarie, who now understands that the people are being taken to safety in Sweden, waits her mother's return. When her mother does not appear, she gets up to find her.  She then discovers that her mother has broken her ankle, and because of this, Annemarie must take an important package to her uncle before they can leave. On the way to the boat, German soldiers with dogs stop her. They decide to search her basket, and they find the package. However, when they rip it open, they find that it only contains a handkerchief.  The German soldiers finally let her go and she makes it to her uncle’s boat in time.

    In May the war ends, and Annemarie realizes that her friend along with the other Jews will soon be returning to their homes in Denmark.  Annemarie goes to the trunk, which contains Lise's things, and takes out the Star of David pendant that she has been keeping for Ellen. She asks her father to fix the clasp where she jerked the necklace off of Ellen.  Her reasoning behind having it fixed is because she wants to wear the necklace until Ellen returns home.