A WebQuest for all Grades (Language Arts)

Designed by

Valerie Lynch and Pam Oliver
RE 5140, Children's Literature

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This webquest will enable you to explore the worlds of Audrey and Don Wood, a dynamite pair of writers and illustrators.  You will visit their websites, glance through their numerous books, and learn about what makes them unique.  In addition, you will engage in a short scavenger hunt where you will be searching the websites and using the Woods' books to answer your given questions.  After you complete your part, you must find someone with the missing pieces to your puzzle to win!

The Task

You will be embarking on a journey through the Woods' websites and their books to piece together their lives, unique qualities, current status as writers/illustrators, and the development of the art and writing styles of this pair.  You will have a specific job.  There are four jobs for this webquest: BIOGRAPHER, BOOKKEEPER, SEEKER OF THE UNIQUE, and the DEVELOPER. 

  • BIOGRAPHER: Your job is to locate information about the lives of Audrey and Don Wood, including where they were born, their educational experiences, and when they decided they wanted to write books.
  • BOOKKEEPER:  Your job is to review the books the Woods have written and illustrated, as well as search the links to find out what awards they have won.
  • SEEKER OF THE UNIQUE:  Your job is to find unique and interesting information about the Woods and their books.  Search the links and the books for possibilities.
  • DEVELOPER:  Your job is to search the links and the books to figure out the development of the art and writing styles of the Woods.


The Process
  •  Your job and puzzle pieces are under your chair. To correctly answer those questions, using the provided links and books.
  • After you have located all your information, you must find others in the room with the missing pieces to complete your puzzle.
  • Hint:  The missing pieces to your puzzle will have information you did not locate.  For instance, if your job is the BIOGRAPHER, find someone who is the BOOKKEEPER or the DEVELOPER.
  • When your puzzle group has found each other (4 people), each person must fill the others in on her findings.  For instance, the BIOGRAPHER must tell the other group members about the lives of Audrey and Don Wood.
  • The group should tape all pieces together on the provided board and connect the puzzle.  BE SURE YOU KNOW ALL THE INFORMATION, NOT JUST YOUR PART!!!!
Audrey and Don Wood's homepage


Your group will be evaluated upon your successful completion of the puzzle. 


Congratulations!  You have successfully completed the webquest  "THE PUZZLED WOOD"!  You have searched websites, examined books, and worked in cooperative jigsaw groups to learn all you can about Audrey and Don Wood.  If you have more interest in the Woods  and their books, you can click on the additional links below. 

Credits & References

We would like to thank Audrey Wood for emailing us and updating us on her current status.  We are anxiously awaiting the new Christmas book!

 Feel free to browse the following websites for options of buying the Woods' books and for more fun information on Audrey and Don Wood!

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