Challenge 4: The Final Project

Your group has now seen three different ways that parts combine to make a unified whole: the way rocks are made of smaller parts reflecting the Earth's past, the way notes combine to make melodies in music, and the way team members combine to make plays in sports.

For your final project, your group will come up with another example of how parts make a whole, and how those parts interact to make that whole successful. Base this example on the interests in your group's members: cars, literature, and nature are just a few examples.

Once you decide on a topic, come up with a way to show the class how the parts make the whole. This can include (but is not limited to) a PowerPoint presentation, a skit, a musical presentation, or a work of art. Whatever you decide, it must be creative and unique!

If you use outside sources - books, music, magazines, television shows, Web pages - be sure to document their use. For examples, look at the Credits and Reference section at the bottom of the WebQuest page.

Good luck!