Challenge 3: Sports

 ***Teamwork and corporation are small things that are over looked in many sports. A team for example can have a Michael Jordan but without his teammates and cooperation even he can not win. With all the small things together a team or group can succeed but alone they will fail. The activities below are used to build teamwork and corporation.***

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and the little things win championships."
-Michael Jordan

Activity #1
  The first activity is called Overboard. The equipment needed is 4 to 5 people and one hula hoop per team. The object is to have two teams race with each member of the team holding the hula hoop with one hand. As you move each team member must keep his/her hand on the hula hoop to advance. The instructor then calls out "Overboard" and each member of the team must get inside the hula hoop. The team which all members do not get inside the hoop or do it slower have to take two steps back in the race. The team to cross the finish line first will win the race. Practice with your team to figure out ways to get inside the hoop faster.

Activity #2
  The second activity also builds team unity. The equipment for this activity is a large sheet or tarp. All the members of the team stand on the tarp. Then without stepping off the tarp the members must fold the tarp in half. Then repeat the step again and again until the tarp is completely folded up. All members must stay on the tarp and figure out ways to accomplish the task together as a team .

***In conclusion get together as a team and discuss how the small things like teamwork and sportsmanship make the overall success rate higher. Discuss how it can help you in your life not only in sports but as a whole. These activities hopefully have taught you something about teamwork and how important working together can help reach a common goal.***

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