-You are the Rainforest Expert!  As the rainforest expert you have to learn about the life in the rainforest, the different types of vegetation that grows in the rainforest, the climate, how much rain falls, the problems that are facing the rainforest, and the different people that live there.  This is a lot to learn, but Skydiver Sam chose you because he knew you could handle it.  You will also be responsible for helping the other members of your group, so get started.
 -Click on the following websites to learn some facts about the rainforest.  You may also find it helpful to explore the sites that other members of your group are going to.

Rainforest of the World
Encyclopedia of the Rainforest

-Skydiver Sam has sent you some questions that he needs answered.  The websites will help you answer them.  Make sure you write them down so you can help Skydiver Sam.

1. What are the two types of rainforests?
2. Where are rainforests located?
3. What are the four layers of the rainforest?  What are some characteristics of each layer?
4. Who are some of the people that live in the rainforest?  What are some of the characteristics of these people?
5. What are some common animals you would find in the rainforest?
6. What purposes do plants have in the rainforest?