As the meteorologist rescuer you are responsible for helping Skydiver Sam understand and be prepared for the climate in the rainforest.  You are given a set of questions that are there to help guide you to an understanding about the rainforest climate.  You can find these answers on the web site:

Skydiver Sam has full confidence in you and feels you can accomplish your task.  Make sure you keep up with all of you information and answers so you can present them to Skydiver Sam and the class.  Let’s get started Rescuer!!!!!!!!!


1- What does a meteorologist do?
2- What season do you experience like that climate of a tropical rainforest?
3- How many months out of the year is a tropical rainforests’ climate the same?
4- What is the average temperature during the day and night in the rainforest?
5- Why is there very little change in the climate of the rainforest?
6- What do trees of the rainforest not have that trees around here have? (Hint: it determines the age of the tree).
7- What is the average rainfall in a year?
8- Explain an average day in the rainforest. Tell when it is sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc.
9- What month is it when the trees of the rainforest drop there leaves?
10- Describe humidity and its role in the rainforest.
11- Explain the climate in the rainforest and its role on plant life.