This webquest was designed to meet competencies in Science, English, Art, Music, and Technology for the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.  It is designed to teach children about the rainforest in a fun and creative way.  In this webquest students will have to apply the information they learn about the rainforest.  They will then share the information they have gathered to the class.  They will also create a rainforest mural based on what they learned.  At the end of the project they will write a letter to a Senator stressing their concerns about the destruction of the rainforest.

This webquest requires students to use critical thinking skills by:  answering questions, working in a group, writing a formal letter to a Senator, using oral speaking skills in a presentation, and completing a task.

The North Carolina Standard Course of Study this project meets:

Competency Goal 9:  The learner will understand music in relation to history and culture.

Competency Goal 1:  The learner will develop critical and creative thinking skills and perceptual awareness necessary for understanding and producing art.

Computer/Technology Skills
Competency Goal 2:  The learner will demonstrate knowledge and skills in the use of computer and other technologies.
Competency Goal 3:  The learner will use a variety of technologies to access, analyze, interpret, synthesize, apply, and communicate information.

English Language Arts
Competency Goal 5:  The learner will apply grammar and language conventions to communicate effectively.

Competency Goal 1:  The learner will build an understanding of animal growth and adaptation.

We suggest that you give students four weeks to complete this task.  The teacher must make himself or herself available to answer questions for the students.  They must also observe the class to make sure they are on task.  The teacher must also give suggestions on how to give a presentation and should give the students some guidelines to follow.  Students will also need guidance on how to write a proper letter.

Week 1:  Students should collect the information on their section.
Week 2:  Students will present the information to the class along with their puzzle.
Week 3:  Students will work on and complete their rainforest mural.
Week 4:  Students will write a letter to the Senator.