Glowing Ember

A WebQuest for 10th Grade 

                                                    Designed by
                                  Stephen Alexander
                                 Amanda Carsner
                                 Kathleen Young
                                 Marsha Sweeney


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As an explorer in Brazil you come across a temple ruin.  When you enter the temple you suddenly realize that you have been transported back in time to the 1500s.  To return to your time you must complete several tasks set down by the ancient gods of the temple ruin.  Your quest is to explore the two main time periods of Brazilian history (pre-independence and post-independence).  You will have to find and examine the literature, biology, and history of each time period to ecscape the curse the gods have lain upon you. 

The Task
Dear Unlucky explorer,
By the time you return to your home time you will have a greater understanding of Brazil's rich history, diverse biology, and colorful literature.  Throughout your exploration you will find several artifacts (web pages) which will help you in your quest to defeat the ancient gods (your teacher).  You will have to utilize and scrutinize the information you come across in order to separate actual facts from fiction put in place by the meddling gods to interfere with your quest.  You will keep a journal about each time period that the gods will review before you are transported to the next era
P.S.  Good Luck!

The Process
To defeat the gods you must record your experiences in a journal which will reflect your new knowledge.
Your journal must include:
  1. dates/time periods
  2. the area you are currently exploring
  3. a copy of your completed activity for each subject and time period
  4. at least three interesting facts for each subject in each time period and why you find them interesting (keep an eye out for facts that address the culture, the role of women, and/or the economy of the different areas)
  5. photos (create, save to disk or print and paste in journal) and describe why it is significant to the task
**Remember that you will have to keep two journals.  One for the time before Brazil's independence and one for after they claimed the right to rule their own people.  Download this checklist to help guide you as you complete the assignments. 

Click here to download checklist document.

.                            .

                 Literature                                Biology

Social Studies (History)

.                     .

                   Literature                            Biology

Social Studies (History)


The success of your journey depends on the following scale.









Completion of tasks 
Did not complete all tasks (18 facts, activities, journals).
Completed all tasks but did not analyze or give detail.
Completed all tasks but with shallow detail and little analysis.
Completed all tasks with great detail and in-depth thought analysis.




No photographs or drawings included and no creative thought put forth.
Some photographs or drawings with no description.  Very little creative thought involved.
A photograph or drawing for some of the tasks with little description.  Not a lot of creative thought shows.
A photograph or drawing for each task complete with a description of why it is significant to the task.  Color and high creative thought is evident.



Tasks are not clearly labeled.  No transitional flow between journal entries and tasks.
Some labeling.  Little flow between tasks and journal entries.  Hard to follow, confusing to read.
Some labeling.  A transitional flow between tasks and journal entries but unclear separation from section to section.
Very well labeled.  A clear transition between tasks and journal entries.  Easy to read.

Congratulations explorer,
You have now returned to your own time.  Through your explorations you have discovered more about the history, literature, and biology of Brazil.  However, if you do not share your findings with fellow explorers, you will be instantly transported through time and space yet again, but this time to Antarctica.

Credits & References

Special thanks to Dr. Spagnolo, Dr. Wegmann, and Dr. Messner.

"Welcome to the Jungle," by Guns N Roses,,,,

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