The idea of different professions is to give the reader a choose of how they will read the story. As one reads a story the story is revealed to the reader through the eyes of a certain frame of mind. This mind frame is influenced greatly by the past experiences and education of the reader. In this activity I would suggest that you pick one of these professions or one of your choice. Your profession should bring to light a different perception of the reading as you read. Some of the suggested professions are:
    1) Doctor = Here you will look at the story from a medical point of view. You will     comment on at least three areas of the reading that  a medical professional would find interesting.
2) Scientist here you will look at the technology and comment on three different arreas. You will compare the technology to that of today and comment on how the new technology would be use full are harmful during the time of the story.

3) Anthropologist here you will look at some of the customs of the times in the story. You will comment on some of the changes you find in toadies world compared to the world of Cold Mountain.

After choosing your profession you will give a brief description of the profession and how they work  in our present day. If you would like to chose another profession please contact your tour guide for instructions.