Know Your Neighborhood

A WebQuest for 2nd Grade 

Designed by

Mandy Rose
Liz Link
Melissa Hulett
Amanda Sparacino

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Boris is a new kid in your class.  He just moved here from another town.  Will you be his friend and help him get to know his new neighborhood?

"Hi!  My name is Boris!"
"I want to explore the weather in my new neighborhood, the mall, the pet store and the grocery store."

"Come along, have fun!"

The Task

Your job is to help Boris learn as many new things as possible as the two of you travel around town.  You will be given challenges to complete at each stop you make.  Your stops will include:

  • Going outside
  • The Mall
  • The Pet Store
  • The Grocery Store


The Process

Click on the adventures below to visit each place in Boris' neighborhood. 

Adventure one:  Going Outside!
First, print out this worksheet, go outside and make observations of the weather.  Record your data and turn the worksheet into your teacher.

Adventure Two: The Mall Challenge
Print out this worksheet, think about what you would conisder a "want" or a "need" and turn the worksheet in.

Adventure Three: The Pet Store
Click on the link that will take you to an internet website.  Play the Frog Palace game until you win! (Ask your teacher if you need help!)

Adventure Four: The Grocery Store
Print out the worksheet, put a circle around the foods that are healthy for you and an "X" on the foods that are not! Turn the worksheet in to your teacher.

 Excitement awaits!
Go Outside   Go to the Mall  Visit the Pet Store   Go to the Grocery Store










Be able to observe the weather.


Could not complete the task.
Was able to make observations but did not record data.
Was able to take numerical data.
Was able to complete the worksheet and analyze weather from day to day.
Be able to access a webpage, identify 1's, 10's and 100's as well as add.


Could not complete the task.
Was able to access the webpage, but unable to go any further.
Was able to access the webpage and play the game.
Was able to access the webpage, play the game and WIN!
Be able to understand the difference between a "want" and a "need."
Could not complete the task. 
Was able to identify three items as a want or a need.
Was able to identify six items as a want or a need. 
Was able to identify all items as either a want or a need.
Be able to identify healthy foods to eat.


Could not complete the task.
Was able to identify five items as healthy or unhealthy.
Was able to identify all ten items as healthy or unhealthy.
Was able to use the Food Guide Pyramid to identify healthy and unhealthy foods.


After you finish introducing your neighborhood to Boris, you should be able to:

  • Observe and analyze the weather
  • Add by 1's, 10's, and 100's
  • Know the differences between a "want" and a "need"
  • Know what foods are healthy for you and be able to use the food guide pyramid

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