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A Web Quest for 10th Grade (World History)

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The Italian Renaissance was one of the most compelling moments of dramatic change and helped serve as a launch point for the modern era.  Major advances were made in science, art, and culture during this period. This assignment is designed to give you an appreciation for this moment in history and for the people and events that played a role in this change.

What people, places and events played a critical role in shaping this period that was the beginning of the modern era?

The Task
You will have the choice of three projects, using the resources provided for you. 
  • Option 1: write a three page paper on a subject area (person, place, event, or special interest).
  • Option 2: Choose a famous individual and prepare a ten minute presentation representing that person's unique perspective and role in the Renaissance.
  • Option 3: Construct a model of a famous castle, common house/kitchen or cathedral.

Click on the links below to access the information you will need to complete the task you choose.

               Foods             Art          Backgrounds

The Process
Below are the steps you will need to take to complete your quest.

Step 1: Look through the links provided to help determine which option you want to choose.

Step 2: Choose an option.

Step 3: Go to the link that will most help you and follow the directions at each link

Step 4: Take the information and fill in the outline worksheet that you received from the teacher to help you collect valuable the valuable information.

Step 5:  Do the option that you have chosen

Step 6:  Turn in or present the finished option on the due date.


Your Projects will be evaluated on the below criteria.  You can earn a possible 25 points which will then be converted into a 100 point scale.

1 - Below average. Some categories need additional work.

2 - Average. Meets basic requirements.

3 - Good. Shows creativity and initiative. 

4 - Superior in content, preparation and presentation.

Below Average



Above Average





Organization and  depth of response

Use of references
Completed on time


With the completion of this project you have explored what the Italian Renaissance and what some of its many subject areas are all about. You should have gained a broader knowledge of this time period through the project that you have completed.  Now that you have explored this area imagine what it would be like today if there had not been the outburst of knowledge, art, inventions and changes that occurred.  Would your life be the same?

Credits & References
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