A Journey to the Winter Olympics

A WebQuest for 5th Grade

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You have just won a trip for four to the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy!  You are on your way to watch some of the world's best athletes compete for the gold.  Before attending the events, it is necessary to understand the symbols  of the Olympics.   As you are planning your trip, you need to decide what event you want to see while you are there.  In choosing your event, you will also pick an athlete who competes in that event to look at closely.  You will also develop knowledge about the different events and the equipment used for those events.

The Task

In order to accept your tickets to the Olympics,  you must keep a journal before you go.  You will each be given a folder to use as your journal.  As you go through this webquest, there will be worksheets you will complete and save for your journal.  You may also find pictures that you want to save and include in your journal.  Your journal will be compiled with all the tasks you complete during this webquest. 

The Process

You will have three journals to complete before going to the Olympics.  Click on each journal icon below, start with #1, to discover your tasks.

Journal #1

Journal #2

Journal #3

Journal #4

After your journal entries are completed, you are encouraged to decorate your journal any way that you want!  Be CREATIVE!  Here is an idea that you may use to get started.

Olympic torch craft


After all of your journals have been completed, you will be scored on your performance.










Worksheets are completed, but have several mistakes.
Worksheets are completed, most information is correct. 
Worksheets are completed, all information is correct.
Worksheets are complete, with all infomation correct and beyond what is required.
Independent Practice/Overall Participation


Assignment completed with assistance, little participation and low enthusiasm.
Assignment completed mostly independently with good participation and some enthusiasm.
Assignment completed independently with a high level of participation and  enthusiasm.
Assignment completed independently with a great amount of participation and outstanding enthusiasm.
Journal's neatness and clarity


Journal is completed but handwriting should be done more neatly and several entries could use more information and perspective.
Journal is completed with adequate handwriting and most entries having enough information and perspective.
Journal is completed in a neat and orderly manner with plenty of information and perspective.
Journal is completed neatly with incredible clarity, plenty of information and a very personal style.
Journal, journal entries and worksheets done with a minimal level of creativity.
Journal, journal entries and worksheets done with an adequate level of creativity.
Journal, journal entries and worksheets done creatively. 
Journal, journal entries and worksheets done using a extremely creative and unique approach.
Time Management
Time management needs improvement with more effort put towards the tasks.
Time used appropriately could use more attention towards the tasks.
Time management distributed well among the all aspects of the assignment.
Time used extremely well with the student doing research on the Olympics outside of class.


Congratulations!  You are on your way to the Olympics.  Your Journal is now complete and you have just earned your tickets by learning about Olmypic symbols, events and athletes.  You are now ready to go and experience the Winter Olympics first hand!  Have a wonderful time and check out these sites to help you make travel and lodging arragements!


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