Day 4:
Instrumental Sounds of New York


Your mission today is to learn about the instrumental sounds of New York.  You will visit two websites and complete a worksheet after each visit.  Click on Step 1 to visit a classical music website and then complete the worksheet which you will find linked under the picture.After you have completed Step one move on to Step two.Click on Step 2 to visit a website about Jazz music.Complete the Jazz music worksheet with the information that you find at this website.After you have learned about these two types of music you will attend a concert of the New York Philharmonic.Click on Step 3 and it will take you to the New York Philharmonic home page.  Click on the date on the calender that you want to attend a performance.  After you attend the concert write a journal on how the music made you feel and your reaction to the experience.

                       Step 1:  Classical Music                                                                                               Step 2:  Jazz Music


                   Classical Music Worksheet                                                                                              Jazz Music Worksheet

Step 3:  Attend a Concert