Day One

Your group is required to go to fitness center and perform some physical activities in order to be fit. The group is to perform some cardiovascular exercises, flexibility exercises, and muscular strength exercises. You will also plan a trip to go to the New York Knicks basketball game. New York City is the home of many professional sport organizations. You will explore some of these teams and will be able to name 5 professional teams when you are done with this adventure. You will go through two challenges in order to fulfill this part of the adventure.


Materials needed for Challenges- Two stopwatches. Download this worksheet to fill out the information for Challenge 1 and 2.

Challenge 1 - Your group will visit the plusone fitness clubs web site. This is a chain of fitness clubs located in the New York City area. At this site you will see some demonstrations on how to perform some of the exercises that your group is suppose to perform. First of all your group needs to click on the pictures of the 5 Best Exercises of all times. After your group clicks on each of the pictures you will get some information that you will need to record about these exercises.

Step 1. List the 5 best exercises in the world, and explain the muscle areas that they work.
Step 2. Now you must perform two out of the five exercises presented in the picture. You must perform 10 repetitions and 3 sets of the two exercises that you choose.
Step 3. Next your group is going to visit a stretching web site . This web site will provide you guys with some good stretching and flexibility exercises to get you ready to perform the mile run. You and your partner will fill out the checklist in the worksheet  for 5 of these stretches before beginning step number 4 in the challenge. Why do you think stretching is good before running a mile? This question must be answered on the worksheet as well.
Step 4. Your group will now have the task of do an extraordinary exercise. Your group will run the mile. Two members of your group will run the mile first, while the other two members of the group will have stop watches and will record the times of the members running. Then rotate and switch roles so that the other two members of the group can run the mile.Partners remember to cheer your teammates along while they are running!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Challenge Two- Your group now is going to visit the New York City sports web site .Here you will search the web and look at some of the professional sports teams of New York City. You will have to answer some of the questions below in order to fulfill this challenge.

Step 1 . List 5 Professional sports teams in the New York area. Name the team, sport, and mascot of each of the teams.

Step 2 . Now list the stadiums or coliseums that these teams play in.

Step 3. Now your group has to choose which team they would like to see, and plan how much this will cost, and list what the date of this game you will be seeing is. You can find all this information by clicking on the web link of the team of your choice.

Special Dedication to New York City. This is a special web site that helps us all remember what happened on September 11, 2001 to the city that will always be remembered in our hearts.

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