Welcome. . . to the second city of your journey up the treacherous Nile River, the ancient city of Giza.  I hope you did not have much trouble completing your first mission, because I now invite you to accept the next mission, if you are brave enough, that is!
    Giza is the home to one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the world, the Great Pyramids.  The pharaohs of Egypt would build these temples for their burial.  It required thousands of men to build these magnificent structures.  Another trademark of Egypt is the Sphynx.  In order to pass the Sphinx and move onto your your next mission, you will have to complete three task.
    1. Find the answers to questions about Giza.
    2. Build your own temple.
    3. Record the information you have gathered and report your journey in a journal.

                                                                                          . . . Good Luck!!!

Task: Entering the Pyramids

Challenge: Building A Pyramid