Grow Your Own Butterfly

Step 1: Make sure to get these materials from your teacher:
            Toilet-paper tube
            Tongue depressor or ice-cream pop stick
            Heavy paper
            6" (150 mm) piece of pipe cleaner, folded in half
            Markers or crayons
            Scissors and glue
          Click here to print out your pattern for your butterfly

Step 2:  Cut out you butterfly pattern.  Now glue your butterfly pattern on the heavy paper. Use any colors, but make both halves look the same. Put a small hole at the top of the butterfly's head.

Step 3:  Color the toilet paper tube to look like a chrysalis. (A monarch                butterfly's chrysalis is green, but you can use any color.)

Step 4:  Take a piece of pipe cleaner and shape it like the letter "V".  Put one point through the little hole in the butterfly's head and then twist it to look like antennae.  Butterflies use these "feelers" to learn about their environment.

Step 5:  Glue the butterfly to one end of the tongue depressor or ice-cream pop stick.  Let the glue dry.

Step 6:  Curl the butterfly's wings and slide it into the chrysalis.

Step 7: Pull the stick to make the beautiful butterfly come out of the chrysalis.

Step 8:  Fly your butterfly like a real one!