Health Concerns in Peru... What Can We Do???


Introduction to the Lesson:Peru is indeed a struggling country when it comes to health related issues.  Citizens here struggle through many hardships such as malnutrition, infectious diseases and lack of proper medical care.  These struggles are influenced greatly by the social and cultural structure of Peru.  In this lesson, you will study some of these health related issues and why they occur.  You should keep in mind what you have learned in class about proper health care maintenance and prevention.  Could any of these things help improve the overall health conditions of the Peruvian citizens?

Assignment:  Your assignment is write a letter to a Peruvian student of your age and offer them helpful suggestions for maintaining good overall health.  The steps below will guide you through the assignment and offer helpful links to web sites that will assist with research on the internet.
Step 1:  Research
Step 2: Reflection
Step 3:  Letter


Evaluation Process:
Total Points
Research Quality Used a variety of reliable sources to access information, able to find sources other than those provided, cited research sources Used a variety of the provided internet sources to access information. Cited research sources Used only one reliable source for gaining information. Cited research sources.


Used unreliable sources to get information. Cited research sources


Did not cite any sources for gaining information.


Data Interpretation Collected appropriate data and interpreted it correctly.


Collected appropriate data and interpreted with only a few mistakes. Collected appropriate data, but incorrectly interpreted it's meaning. Collected appropriate data, but offered no interpretation.


Collected no data or inappropriate data and offered no interpretations.
Reflection & Application  Reflects well on previously learned material and applies this to suggestions offered in the letter. Reflects well on previously learned material, but has a few minor mistakes in applying to suggestions Reflects somewhat on previously learned material, but has trouble relating to suggestions offered Minimal reflection on previously learned material, but does not relate to suggestions in letter Does not relate research to any previously learned material.


Suggestions Offers clearly stated suggestions that reflect previously learned material in class Offers suggestions that are somewhat clear and reflect previously learned material Offers suggestions, but do not reflect any previously learned material. Offers only 1 basic suggestion and it is based purely on opinion. Offers no suggestions for improvement.


Letter Turned in on time with few no errors. Turned in on time with only a few minor errors Turned in on time but has several major errors Turned in late with or without errors (up to 2 days) No letter turned in (after 2 days)

Conclusion: By the time you have completed this project you should have a basic understanding of the effect of a nation's socio-economic status, natural resources, and health literacy rates on the overall health of it's population.  You should be able to look at health related issues and use your own health literacy to offer suggestions for improving the quality of life for those less fortunate.  By completing this activity you have shown competency in six of the objectives listed in the NC Standard Course of Study for Healthful Living.

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