The Physical Geography of Peru

Introduction to the Lesson: Peru is located in most western part of South America. You will be using several resources to find different information relating to Peru.

Assignment: Your assignment is to research the country of Peru. You will then research to find a blank map and label the map with the main cities, rivers, and lakes.
Step 1:  Map
Step 2:  Research
Step 3:  Label

Evaluation Process:
3 2 1 0
Research Quality Used a variety of reliable sources to access information. Cited sources. Used a variety of internet sources to access information.
Cited sources.
Used only 1 source to access information.
Cited sources
Did not cite any sources for gaining information.
Label Labeled all information. Labeled most information. Labeled less than half of the information. No labels were provided.
Neatness Map was brightly colored and neat. Map was colored and fairly neat. Map wasn't colored, however was neat. Map was neither colored or neat.


Conclusion: By the time you have completed this project you should have a basic layout of the Peru. You should be able to label a blank map without having to look up resources to fill it in. By completing this activity you have shown competency in 4 of the objectives listed in the North Carolina Second Language Studies Curriculum.

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