Eine Reise durch
A Trip through Germany

Teacher's Page

A WebQuest for 10th Grade
(English, Music, History, Health and Culture)

Designed by:
Maggie Eckerlin, Suzanne Fisher, Darla Peeler, Eddie Adams, Travis Privett


    This webquest is created to expand the students knowledge in various educational courses while exploring Germany.  It is intended to be completed in groups of approximately four students, but if the teacher prefers individual work, this webquest is designed to meet that need as well.


    This webquest is oriented toward sophomore students at the secondary level.  Students will need to be familiar with basic computer skills such as searching the internet, using Microsoft Word, downloading, and completing other online tasks. Students also need to be able to organize all gathered information into a final portfolio.

Curriculum Standards

Physical Education Standards:

Competency Goal 1

Social Study Standards:

Competency Goal 7

Competency Goal 9

Music Standards:

Competency Goal 9

English Literature Standards:

Competency Goal 3

Competency Goal 4
Competency Goal 5

The Process

    Upon completion of this webquest, the students must turn in a portfolio including all of the required activities from each city they visited while touring Germany.  Each city visited in Germany contains activities based on the subject matters physical education, social studies, music, and English literature.  The portfolio should be in a 1 1/2' binder with a cover page in the front plastic pocket.  The portfolio should include a table of contents listing the main categories that the portfolio is divided into. The portfolio should be divided into four sections with the cities they visited as the title of the divided section.  Each section should contain the information and activities completed while visiting those cities.  All material should be typed and neatly organized.

Resources  Needed

    Students will need to check out or purchase the novel Night by Elie Weisel, purchase a 1 1/2' clear front pocketed three-ring binder, dividers, access to computers, printers, and the Internet.



    This webquest allows students to explore a European country through different areas of education including physical education, social studies, music, and English literature.  Students are enjoying this trip through a fascinating country while satisfying North Carolina Standard Course of Study competency goals.  Students should have a better understanding of Germany's people and their health, history, with a focus on the Holocaust, musical composers and the history behind German music, and a book based on the Holocaust with activities to help them explore German and Jewish culture.


Credits and References

"The Castle"


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