Panic in the Streets


A WebQuest for High School Students
An interdiciplinary look at September 11th, 2001 and the War on Terror

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Kate Johnson
Jeremy Magee
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On September 11th, 2001, you were about to enter the World Trade Center in NYC.  Suddenly the unthinkable happened.  There was a loud explosion, and the last thing that you remember is a cloud of smoke coming down the side of the building to engulf you. 

The events of September 11th left you in a coma, until today...

You wake to find that you are a news reporter, and your boss is anxsious to get you back on the job.  The only problem is, you don't remember anything from the morning of Septermber 11th until today.  You will have investigate the events of September 11th, as well as the aftermath in order to write your stunning report on where America stands on it's War on Terrorism.

The Task

In order to write your article you will have to explore three seperate areas concerning September 11th.  These areas include History, Business, and Math.  You are required to complete several tasks under each subject and keep a reporter's journal. 

The culmination of your work will be presented in a final article about the events of September 11th up to today.  The information you use for your article will be pulled from what you learned during your search for information and from your reporter's journal.  You will find detailed descriptions in the fourth and final link under The Process. 

To successfully complete your assignment you will need the following:

 * access to a computer
* access to the internet
 * MS Works
 * paper
 * markers, pen, or pencil
 * a calculator

The Process

This project will be completed on an individual basis.  You will use the internet as well as past media artifacts to do the research to complete the tasks and compose your final article. 

Each subjects area has detailed descriptions on what needs to be completed.  Click on the pictures to go to the task for each subject. 

****Don't forget to keep your reporter's journal!!!!!  You can include anything you think would be important to your final article, not just answers to the questions.






You will be graded on an individual basis for each assignment.  Your grade will be determined by the article that you create.  You will also turn in your reporter's journal for a percentage of the grade.











History Tasks 

 One of the two tasks is missing and poor performance is shown on whatever task is completed.
Both tasks are completed and some amount of committment towards the assignment was shown.
 The timeline is complete.  The article demonstrates that they have a grasp of the events of the War on Terrorism.
The timeline is completed and shows effort and creativity.  The article is comeplete, shows that they have an understanding of the events of the War on Terrorism and shows creativity and insight.


Business Tasks


One graph is completed without using all of the aspects found in the tutorial.
Two graphs are completed, but they are not different and organization was not shown.
Two different kinds of graphs are completed, all reporter's journal questions are answered, and the work is organized.  The student is missing detail, a key for the graphs, or some other critical aspect.
Two different kinds of graphs are completed and it is quite evidient that the student used the tutorial to complete the graphs.  A key is included for the graph and the information is organized in a very neat and easy to follow manner.  All of the reporter's journal questions are answered and their are also extra notes.


Math Task


One of the two assignments are not completed and the turned in assignment is poorly done.
Both tasks are completed, but very little effort has been put into the assignment.
The paper is fairly concise and the graphs are well done and pretty organized.
All tasks are complete.  The paper is very persuasive, the graphs are detailed and colorful.  Overall a great amount of effort has been shown.


Final Article


The article is not completed and shows no insight.
The article is completed, but the detail is sparce and there is little organization that is evident.
The article is completed and there is a clear understanding of the material which is evident through the inclusion of the history, business, and math material. 
The article is completed and a vast amount of creativity was shown.  Bits from every subject area are included.


Completed Reporter's Journal

Either all 10 questions were not answered or they showed no effort.
Answered all 10 questions, but no understanding of the answer.
Answered all 10 questions and showed great understanding of the answers.
Ansered all 10 questions, showed understanding of the answers, and inclueded more information than just the answers to the questions provided.

Congratulations, you are officially a journalist!  By completing this task we hope that you have not only recieved a more in- depth look at the War on Terrorism, but also have learned some critical thinking skills in the areas of history, business, and math.  We also hope that this has given you a healthy prospective on the affairs of our nation.  To keep updated on the War on the Terrorism keep a close check with the major news websites, such as:

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