4th Grade Supply List


                                                 Parents can make such a difference in how their child performs in school. The National Education Association
                                                         recommends following steps to improve a child's educational experience..
                                                    READ TOGETHER!
                                                      -Keep good books, magazines, and newspapers in the house and let your child see what you read.

                                                      -Check out library books.
                                                      - Encourage children to read aloud and talk about what they have read.

                                                    SCHEDULE HOMEWORK TIME!
                                                      - Establish a daily homework routine. Set aside a quiet, well-lighted area where your child(ren) can study.

                                                       -Talk openly with your child about values and the dangers of drugs and alchohol, and listen to what they have to say.
                                                         Personal talks can save lives.
                                                    SET STANDARDS!
                                                       - Express high expectations for children by enrolling them in challenging courses and stressing the importance of hard work.
                                                          Stressing their mind is a great way for them to realize their full potential. Make sure they never settle for less.

                                                    CHECK IT OUT!
                                                        - Know what your school expects from your student. If academic standards do not appear to measure up to other schools,
                                                          work with teachers, the principal, and other parents to set new standards.

                                                    KEEP IN TOUCH!
                                                       - Parents should stay informed about their child's progress. Visit the school, talk with teachers, and get to know the names
                                                          of your child's counselor and principal, AND make sure they know you.

                                                       - PTO membership, volunteering in the classroom, and tutoring are all great ways to get more involved in your child's
                                                          education. Call the school or your teacher to find ways you can help!