What is Point of View?

Lois Lowry writes her novel in the “third person point of view”. The reader sees the story through the character of Annemarie and sees only what she sees and knows only what she knows. This means Lowry describes the events of the story as Annemarie saw them unfold. It also means we know more about Annemarie's feeling about events of the story than any other character.

Point of View

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Seeing Events From Other Points of View :

Write you own version of one of the following events from the point of view of the character given. You version should show the same event, but with a new viewpoint.

From Ellen's Point of View

The arrival of the German soldiers at the Johansen's apartment.


The arrival at Uncle Henrik's.


The train ride to Uncle Henrik's.


From Peter's Point of View

The arrival of the soldiers at Auntie Bertie's funeral.


From Kirsti's Point of View

Being stopped by the soldiers on the street corner.


Having to wear shoes made with fish skins.


From Mrs. Johansen's Point of View

The incident about opening Aunt Bertie's coffin for the German soldiers.


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