The Pumpkin Patch

WebQuest for Kindergarten 

Designed by

Jessica Johnson
Emily Triolo
Hope Winecoff

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Hooray!! It is the fall season and time for harvest. You and your classmates run the local pumpkin patch and are in charge of growing and harvesting the pumpkins. It is your job to grow the plumpliest, dumpliest pumpkins in the town. 

The Task

To be a great pumpkin farmer you will need to:

Read the book Pumpkin Pumpkin, by Jeanne Titherington.

Learn how pumpkins grow.

Figure out how many seeds are in a pumpkin.

Paint your own pumpkin.

The Process 

Task one

 As a class read the book Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington. Look how Jamie's little seed grows into a big pumpkin! Click on the picture of the book with your teacher to more more about it.

Task Two
Growing pumpkins is a hard job. It takes a lot of time and care from a farmer. With your class talk about all the things pumpkins need to grow. Create a book about the steps of pumpkin growth. Click on the picture below to find a booklet worksheet. 

Task Three

 Guess the number of seeds that are in a pumpkin. With your teacher and classmates, cut open a pumpkin. Dig out all the seeds from inside the pumpkin. Count the seeds to see if your guess was right.Keep your findings on a tally sheet to see how close your guess was!  Click on the pumpkin below for the tally worksheet.

Task Four

 Now that you've learned all about pumpkins lets do some art work. Click on the pictures below for fun activities.

The teacher or parent will give each student their own grade on each task they perform. The highest number of points you can get from each task is 4 and the lowest is 1. The higher your total points reach, the better grade you will earn. Try your best at each task to get all the points.  The highest grade is 16!         Good Luck Pumpkin Farmers! 









Read the book
Pumpkin Pumpkin ,
by Jeanne 
 with classmates and teacher.
Did not pay attention to the reading of the book
Was somewhat attentive to the book, and has some basic ideas of pumpkin growth
Was attentive to the book and has an understanding of pumpkin growth
Was very attentive to the book and can explain the stages of pumpkin growth 
With the class and teacher discuss pumpkin growth, and make a booklet of each stage of growth.
Did not pay very much attention to the teacher, and has not completed the pumpkin growth booklet
Listened to the discussion, and has made some progress on the pumpkin growth booklet
Was a very good listener, and gave some input in the discussion, the pumpkin growth booklet is completed.
Listened and fully participated in the class discussion, and has developed a creative and informative pumpkin growth booklet.
With your classmates guess the number of seeds are in your pumpkin. Then put the results on the tally sheet.
Student took very little part in the cutting and counting of the pumpkin seeds.Student has not completed the tally sheet.
Student worked well with others and participated some in the cutting and counting of the pumpkin seed. Tally sheet is almost complete 
Student worked very well with others, and participated well in the cutting and counting of the pumpkin seeds.Tally sheet is complete and correct.
Student worked excellent with others,and particiapted fully in the cutting and counting of the pumpkin seeds.The tally sheet is complete and correct.
Create your own pumpkins with the online artwork.


Student did very little artwork on the computer.
Student worked with the online artwork, and made some creative pumpkin artwork.
Student worked successfully with each online artwork task, and made some creative pumpkins 
Student mastered the online pumpkin artwork and tried each task more than once


     By completing these activities you have learned the skills needed to become a successful pumpkin farmer.  To learn even more about pumpkins and how they grow click on the website below.

Credits & References

 Titherington, Jeanne.Pumpkin, Pumpkin.

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