Nascar Fun

A Web Quest for 6th Grade 
(Math, Language Arts, Technology)

Designed by

Nathan Crowder
Melissa Dodson
Lynn Edmonds
Jerry Whittington

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Okay NASCAR fans!!!  Get ready to start your engines.  Today, you will become part of a racing team and learn about a specific famous race track.  As a team you will use math, language arts and technology to complete your research.  In the end, we'll celebrate what you have learned!  So tighten your seat belts and get ready for the ride of your life!


The Task

By the time you finish this ride of your life, you will know more about how different team members of a racing team work together to make everything come together. When you have finished collecting the data on each specific race track and performing your required analysis on it, then each group will come together to discuss with all the other groups what they have learned about their respective track.  This will be a NASCAR celebration at which you will put everything you have together to try to convince the other groups that your track is the best track in the entire Nascar series.  Each group will have 3 members with each member performing a different task on the required track.  Each group will choose a different track.  One member will research the statistical aspects of each track.  One member will research the history of the track and what has occurred there in the past.  The final group member will create a brochure, that advertises the track and what kinds of attractions surround the track and why someone would want to visit this track.  Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!!!!!


The Process

To begin each teams quest, each member will be assigned a part in researching a championship race track. Then you will all take part in convincing the rest of the class that your track is number one! Good luck!

1.First, you'll be assigned to a team of 3 students, each group will choose a track to research (make sure there is not another group doing your track already).
2. Then, in your groups you will decide on who will do each part of the task. (one person does the statistical research, one does the history, and one makes a brochure).
3. After you have chosen your part, look below and click on the image that will take you to instructions about your job.
4. Then after you have completed your task, get back with your group and talk about what you found out. Work together to create a presentation about your track and why it is the best track in Nascar!
5.Be creative and HAVE FUN!!!

Statistical Research                      Brochure



                History of the Track                      GroupPresentation


There will be a common grade for the entire group, so make sure you do your part!

Red Flag
(0-5 pts)


Caution Flag
(6-10 pts)


White Flag
(11-15 pts)


Checkered Flag
(16-20 pts)
Group Interaction


Did not work well with other group members.  Lack of respect within group.
Worked fairly well with other group members.  One or two people did all the work.
Worked well with other group members.  Completed the majority of the task.
Worked extremely well with other group members. Everyone played equal part in completing the assignment.


No brochure is finished.
Some of the brochure is complete, but there is not enough information in it.  There are many mistakes.
Most of the brochure is complete, but there are a few mistakes.
The brochure is complete with all the necessary information.  There are no mistakes.


No statistics are presented in graphs.
Some statistics are presented, but not clear.
Most statistics are presented, but several are not clear.
Statistics are presented clearly in graphs.


The paper is not typed.  It does not include necessary information.
The paper is typed, but has many mistakes.  Most of the necessary information is left out.
The paper is typed with few mistakes.  Most of the necessary information is included.
The paper is typed well with no mistakes.  All the necessary information is included in the paper.
Presentation and Finished Product
Product is not complete.  The group does not present.
The product is done, but there are "holes".  The presentation is not in-depth and not done well by any of the group members.
The product is done with minor mistakes.  The presentation is done well by only 1 or 2 group members. 
The product is done with no mistakes.  The presentation is clear and done well.


Hopefully now you have learned a great deal about racing.  You have also been able to see the different aspects of a particular race track and what kinds of things make a racetrack different from the other racetracks.  Do you see how you may be able to use web resources to learn about anything that interests you in the future?  Hopefully you have enjoyed working together as a group and now have a few tools to use on future projects that you didn't have before doing this web quest.  Congratulations, you are a true champion.  The checkered flag is yours.




Credits & References

Web Pages:
This is a great site for sounds of all kinds, some of which are included on this site.
This is a great website for any and all NASCAR information you need.  This site contains track information, statistics, drivers' names, pictures, schedule, etc.
This is a great search engine that students can use to search for any information.
The website containing your latest NASCAR news.
This is a good site for finding the history of the race tracks.
This is a great site to get the latest race results for each track.
Another great site for the information on tracks and the latest NASCAR news!

We also give special thanks to Dr. Spagnolo of Appalachian State University!

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