By exploring a specific perspective from an historical period, you will develop awareness of how identity plays an important role in characterization in the narrative.  You are expected to make connections between your own created identity, articles about people’s concerns in the Civil War, and the characters in Cold Mountain.  Through exploring different sources and tracking character development in the novel, you will gain an understanding of how one’s point-of-view influences the interpretation of meaning in the story.

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2.  Naturally, along your travels you have gathered with people how have similar characteristics as yourself. (M/F, B/W, N/S, etc.)  Given the chaotic nature of war, however, you may find yourself sharing adventures with people who are very different from you.  In your clan, a discussion begins as you sit around a campfire one night after a long day of traveling.  Each clan member should explain what he/ she believes are their most relevant concerns from their perspective.  As a clan, make a list and choose the most important three issues that everyone can agree upon.   Include this list in your journal.

3.  Now you will create a matrix using Excel.  The columns should represent various identities and the rows will be your list of important issues.  Put a “+/-“ mark if that concerns is relevant to that type of character.  Save the file as “Identity.”  As your reading progresses through Cold Mountain, your clan will modify and add to the list of concerns.  You may discover new types of characters in the novel or in the supplementary articles.  Add two rows under the list of concerns which are labeled:  “Character” and “Passage.”  You will name a person who represents an identity as well as a page number that exemplifies their concerns.  The final matrix will be in the journal.  Here is an example:

Poor Southern Men Children Black Southern Women White Northern Men
Concern #1 - + - +
Concern #2 + - - +
Character Joe Cherrie Josephine Larry
Passage page # article name  article name  page # Cold Mt.

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5.  As you come across different types of characters, you will also explore the Civil War territory on your own.  Below are a list of potential websites where you can meet fascinating people.  You must read at least ten articles total during the course of the novel.  You may also find materials in an encyclopedia, history texts, videos, etc.  Your imagined experiences with these other people could be described in your diary.  You must meet people with different perspectives and backgrounds.  Based on the additional reading, you may share the information with your clan and revise the list of the most important issues on the matrix.

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