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Today you are going to learn all about butterflies!  You will read a story about a butterfly's life and then create your own butterfly book.  Along the way, you will get to solve puzzles, play some games, color pictures, and even learn how to make a yummy butterfly snack!  ...Sounds like fun, so let's get started!!

The Task

As you flutter along through this webquest, you will have three tasks to carry out.

  1. Learning about a Butterfly - You will read about what it is like becoming a butterfly.  Then, you will read and label the different parts of a butterfly.
  2. Activities with a Butterfly - After some exploring, you will get to do some fun learning activities about butterflies.  Math problems, crosswords, and other games about butterflies boost your new found knowledge. 
  3. Create Your Own Butterfly Book - Look through many different coloring pages and print out pictures of butterflies to make your own butterfly book.  Once your book is together, you will write your own butterfly story!
Take home activity - Make a Butterfly Snack - After so much learning, you may want a snack.  Print out this page to take home and make a tasty treat!

The Process

Now you are ready to begin your exciting webquest about butterflies!  You will complete this project individually over the next week.  All you have to do is click on the icons below to get started!!



Task Two


Task Three


Take Home Activity



You will be graded individually on the following:







Task One - Reading and Label worksheet

Attempted to read the material and did not complete the worksheet. Student was able to read the entire book and attempted to complete the worksheet. Read all the material and completed the entire worksheet. Some of the answers were incorrect. Read all the material and successfully completed worksheet.  

Task Two - Activities with a Butterfly

Played some of the games but did not complete worksheets. Played games and attempted worksheets. Played all the games and completed worksheets with errors.  Played all the games and successfully completed the worksheets.  

Task Three - Make your Own Butterfly Book

Printed out pages but did not color all of them. Did not bound pages together or write a story. 

Printed out, colored, and somewhat bound pages together.  Did not write a story. Printed out, colored, and bound pages together.  Attempted to write a complete story. Printed out, colored, and bound pages together.  Wrote a story in complete sentences.  




Hooray!  You have finished your Butterfly Webquest!  You will need to turn in all of the worksheets that you printed and completed with your name in the upper-right hand corner.  Next week, we will have a day of show-and-tell where you can share your Butterfly Book with the class.  You can also share anything you enjoyed learning about Butterflies while doing this project.  What fun!


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