Adventure to New York City

A WebQuest for 7th Grade (Music, Theater, Dance, and Physical Education)

Designed by

Mandy Harris

Lauren Eller

Anna Chapman

Matthew Wiseman

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Have you ever visited New York City? What would you do in the city that never sleeps? This WebQuest is designed to help you experience a real trip to the Big Apple. After completing this quest, you will have a better understanding of the city and the events that take place there.

The Task

You and three classmates are taking an all expenses paid trip to NYC.During your stay, you must participate in various activities that cater to each group members interests.In return, you must complete the tasks that you will find in this WebQuest which pertain to each activity.Your final project will be a presentation to the class of what your group has learned about NYC.

The Process

Welcome to New York! Now that you are finally here it is time to begin your adventure. Each day has its own challenge that the group must complete. Beginning with Day 1, travel through all four days of your stay to complete your adventure. 

Day One - Physical Fitness

Day Two - Let’s Dance!

Day Three -  Broadway

Day Four - Hear the Sounds!


Your group will be evaluated on the activities you are to accomplish for each day of your stay in New York. Below is a rubric that explains how each activity has been broken down, and how many points you will receive for the level of your work. 















Day 1 Physical Fitness and Sport.


Little group work and less than 50 % of worksheet done. 

Completes work sheet somewhat satisfactory. Completes mile run and records time. 

Students identify 80% of stretches and run a mile in at least 15 min. 

Students identify 90% of worksheet correctlyand runs the mile in 13 min or less.



Day 2


Only 1 of 3 challenges completed.

2 of 3 challenges are completed.

All challenges are completed, student can demonstrate some dance steps.

All challenges are completed, student can demonstrate all dance steps, and journal entries reflect creative thinking skills.




Day 3 


Poor group cooperation, no presentation.

Average group work, weak presentation.

Average group work, strong presentation, but still lacking certain aspects.

Strong group work, powerful presentation, met all requirements.




Day 4



Only one worksheet completed and no attendance of a New York Philharmonic performance.

Both worksheets completed, but no attendance of a New York Philharmonic performance.

All steps are completed except for the journal entry on the New York Philharmonic performance.

All work completed.  Students have learned about two types of music found in NYC and have attended a live performance and given their reaction in a journal.





Now that you have returned home from your trip to the Big Apple, you should have a better understanding of the events and culture that exists there. You should have learned how people who live in a city stay in shape, the work and skill that goes into ballet, the diversity of cultures and morals that are presented in Broadway performances, and what it would be like to attend an orchestra performance.If you found a subject that particularly interests you, you can further learn about these topics on the internet, and in magazines and books. Be eager to expand your knowledge!

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